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GeckoAdventure Corporate Training Programmes

Geckoadventure was incorporated in 2004 to provide outdoor-based corporate team-building services, in response to the needs of corporations wishing to further develop their human resources.

Our main objective is to assist companies, or organizations in bringing out the best in their employees as individuals and as team players within their organizations.

Team Building

Our outdoor corporate training courses are designed to build and develop team work amongst the attendees and reinforce those skills in each of them so that they can work more effectively, cohesively and productively with others in the organization as well as relate better to company contacts outside the organization.

GeckoAdventure also provides an organization's employees with the opportunity for character development and personal skills enhancement, assisting them in their career development and helping them achieve greater personal satisfaction from their jobs.

Team Building

Team Building comes in many forms in our lives. This picture is from the 2004 Malaysian Rainforest Challenge from the PRESS convoy - 30 different languages, Multi Language, Multi Personalities, One Language - Hand signals. One Objective - Survive the RFC. From strangers to friends, from individuals to a team.

Team Building

GeckoAdventure Course Objectives

The major objectives of GeckoAdventure's corporate training programme are:

  • Breaking down barriers for new and existing employees.
  • Breaking down barriers and providing for cohesiveness amongst employees of merged businesses.
  • Identifying potential leaders who will work well under stress
  • Identifying staff that can make quick decisions and cope with pressure.
  • Building staff up to a further level of confidence.
  • Encouraging more effective communication and trust between staff.
  • Producing a more close knit community of employees within the organization
  • Exposing staff to situations that they may not encounter as part of a normal working situation.

At the end of the course the participants should be able to:

  • Identify and describe the essential characteristics of an effective team and comprehend the importance of working cooperatively and with others outside the team (company).
  • Perform effectively in a team role.
  • Problem-solve effectively in a team.
  • Acquire skills to communicate with others, resolve conflicts and provide feedback.
  • Shy staff should be more assertive and confident.
  • A comprehensive questionnaire will also assist with further team building requirements.

Outstanding participants will have also acquired the skills to:

  • Enhance his/her leadership qualities.
  • Help a team bond well enough to work together effectively
  • Lead a team effectively to ensure the meeting of their goals and objectives.
  • Motivate the team effectively to ensure optimum productivity.
  • Handle or assist in conflict resolution processes.

Course methodology

Training will be conducted in the form of planned physical and mental exercises that will focus on corporate team building activities.

Companies are welcome to discuss with geckoadventure's to customize the course to meet required objectives and goals desired for the training program.