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As seen on the CBS reality show - the Amazing Race

Riverboarding is called sledging in New Zealand and hydrospeed in Europe. Whatever it's called, riverboarding is awesome! You can now experience the thrill of having warm whitewater in your face, with GeckoAdventure, the pioneer and only riverboarding operator in Malaysia.

Down a whitewater river without a paddle? Who says you need a kayak or a rubber raft to have fun on whitewater when you can have the river in your face?

Remember that reality series, The Amazing Race V where contestants were suited up in helmets, wet suits and flippers and thrown into a fast flowing river with a couple of boards?

Kampar Riverboarding Double Drop Rapid

This is called riverboarding. Some people know it as hydrospeed while others know it as river luging. It's a major extreme sports craze in New Zealand and Europe. After The Amazing Race, it has become the new extreme sports craze in the US and has been rated by National Geographic one of the top 10 fastest-growing extreme sports in the world.

Kampar Riverboarding Group

Even guides make mistakes

Anyone can now experience riverboarding in Malaysian rivers, where the waters are warmer than Europe, New Zealand, the USA and Canada. On top of that, because of the scenic wildlife teeming in Malaysian rivers, those who riverboard down the river can take their time in between rapids to check out the vibrant flora and fauna that populate Malaysian jungles. GeckoAdventure offers riverboarding trips down rapids from Grade 1 to 4.

Two Guides on Broken Weir Rapid

However, we insist that beginners try the easier levels first before attempting the raging waters that are Grade 4 rapids. A competant skill level must be shown before any grade 4 rapid is attempted.

To ensure that riverboarders who want to try higher graded rivers are prepared, GeckoAdventure will also keep a log book of their river runs.

Currently, GeckoAdventure offers 5 riverboarding hotspots (in order of our thrill meter).

Sg Kampar, Perak

Another popular whitewater hotspot, Sg Kampar offers mainly grade 2 - 3 rapids. During the extreme dry season we consider this river too shallow to riverboard. Each run is estimated at between 55 to 90 minutes. Riverboarders will have the option of 1 run or 2 runs on the river. Kampar is a pleasant bruising encounter with nature and an exhilarating ride and an excellent introduction to riverboarding. Distance travelled on the water is 6k and includes 12 sets of rapids.

Kampar is about 100 minutes drive from Kuala Lumpur. Turn off at Gopeng and then turn right at the traffic lights after exiting the NSE. Meet us opposite the Petronas which will be on your right as you turn right after the traffic lights. We will guide you the rest of the way in.

Cost: Price On Inquiry (POI).

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Kampar Bridge Rapid - Yes we run under the bridge if its safe Kampar Weir Rapid

Sg Ulu Slim, Perak

A new whitewater hotspot, Sg Ulu Slim offers 24 (yes 24) mainly grade 2 - 3 rapids. Each run is estimated at between 90 to 120 minutes. Riverboarders will have a package of runs down this river - see below. This river is a technically tough ride down a narrow river with each rapid only being some 150 meters apart. We recommend that you have passed through Sungai Kampar first before trying this little unknown jem. Its a pleasant and slightly bruising encounter with nature and an exhilarating ride and an excellent intermediate riverboarding adventure.

Ulu Slim is about 45 minutes drive from Kuala Lumpur. Turn off at Tanjum Malim and wait at the exit for our friendly guide to guide you the remaining 30K to the waiting 4WD vehicles to take you to the put in point. River distance travelled is 3.8K and includes 24 sets of rapids.

Cost: 1 Run Price On Inquiry (POI) (inclusive of 4WD transport to put in and from pull out points).
2 Runs Price On Inquiry (POI) (inclusive of 4WD transport to put in and from pull out points).

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dAVE SHOOTING Sg Ulu Slim Broken Nose Rapid
Sg Ulu Slim Broken Nose Rapid

Sg Selangor Lower- Selangor

This section is below the Sg Selangor Dam. This river is ony for the very experienced Riverboarders as there is limited recovery points and it is mainly grade 3-4++ rapids. However this is not for the fainthearted and we require a lot of Riverboard experience elsewhere first. We have no pictures of us Riverboarding on this river we are to busy trying not to get smashed. However, video will soon be available from our new waterproof headcam.

Kuala Kubu Bharu is about 62 minutes drive from Kuala Lumpur on the NSE heading towards IPOH. Turn off at Rawang and follow the signs to KKB and then Frasers Hill. Stopping at quiet town of KKB we will meet you there.

Cost: Price On Inquiry (POI).

Safety Equipment

The saftey equipment is from a variety of sports as there is nothing specifically made for Riverboarding yet. The following equipment is provided for your safety:

  • Lightweight watersport hats to protect you in the event of striking a rock or any other obstacle you may accidentally encounter. We currently use GathSports Hats for this task.
  • Minimum full 3 to 10mm neoprene Wetsuit to protect you from bumps and bruises and keep you warm in colder rivers. It also assists you in floatation.
  • PFD (Personal Floatation Device). Your floatation device (lifejacket) also provides protection on shoulders and back should you contact rocks etc.
  • Our safety guides have US Coastguard Rated swiftwater rescue PFD's which provide enough buoyancy to assist holding two people.
  • Dive Booties to cover your ankles.
  • Speciality body boarding fins to enable you to walk easier and provide less fin area to be affected by strong river currents.
  • Your riverboard. It is a polyurethane raft and is both your ride and your shield as it takes the impact of all rocks as it pilots you down the river.
  • Our guides also carry throwbags to assist in a rescue should you require it. When the water is up we may have to use them to pull you into an eddy after a couple of the larger rapids especially during the wetseason.
  • A safety briefing will be done before going down the river. The briefing covers board control, board safety, kicking skills, convoy rules, eddies and potential hazards.

Indemnity Form Downloads

As part of the agreement to participate in the program. Each participant is to complete some basic medical information and an indemnity form.

Please download the appropriate indemnity forms below, print, fill out and bring with you on the day. or complete on the day of the event.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Riverboarding

Is riverboarding dangerous?

The risks involved in riverboarding or hydrospeeding are no higher than driving to the river in your car, probably less. Just like driving a car, there is a certain amount of risk involved. Through highly trained staff, professional behaviour and careful selection of the best equipment, we try to reduce this risk as much as possible. However riding grade 4-5+ rapids requires skill and nerves, these rivers are not recommended for inexperienced riverboarders. The 3 current rivers are considered safe enough for beginners.

How much will it cost?

We charge Price On Inquiry (POI) per person. This includes all safety equipment as well as guides. We guarantee a minimum of two runs per trip. A light lunch and drinks will be provided after the first trip as well as light snacks after the second.

Do I need to be fit?

A person needs to be relatively fit for any sport. We also advise that you inform us about any prior injuries or medical conditions before signing up.

Is riverboarding strenuous?

Yes it can be, which is why we advise that you be reasonably fit.

Will I get wet?

Yes. (We have been asked this question before, believe it or not).

I don't know how to swim. Can I still join?

Yes, if you are not the panicky sort. Our guides will evaluate your water confidence once you are in the river. You will also be wearing a wetsuit (buoyant) as well as a personal flotation device (lifejacket) which will enable you to be very buoyant. If you are fearful of water this is not the sport for you. We are not a swim school. Our guides swim like fish.

Can I drink alcohol before the trip?

No. Riverboarding is an outdoor activity that requires the full concentration and reaction ability of the participants. Before and during the tour there should not be any alcoholic or hallucinogenic substances consumed. We will refuse to commence the trip for any people under such influences.

How large a group is there for each trip?

In the interests of safety as well as personal attention from our 2 guides, there are a minimum of 4 people and a maximum of 13 people for each trip. We maintain a ratio of 1 guide per 5 customers on Grade 1-3 rivers and 1 Guide per 4 customers on Grade 4 and above.

What do I need to bring?

You only need to come wearing normal clothing and shoes. We will give you all required equipment. You just need:

  • A bathing suit or similar to wear underneath.
  • A towel
  • A strap for your glasses if you have glasses (hard contact lenses are not very suitable for riverboarding).

All belongings should fit into a day-size backpack. If you don't have one, please use a small bag which should close.

If you require any medication please tell the guides beforehand and we can arrange to carry it for you.

What equipment is provided?

You will be provided with a neoprene wet suit, neoprene boots, life jackets, helmet and swim fins.

Do I have to wear a helmet?

Yes. We will not commence the trip for anyone who will not wear a helmet. It is for your own protection.

Do I have to wear a wetsuit?

Yes. We will not commence the trip for anyone who will not wear a wetsuit. It is for your own protection.

Can I bring my own wetsuit?

We also do not recommend that you bring your own wetsuit in case of damage to it.

Can I wear my drysuit?

A drysuit will be too thick and hot for Malaysian rivers. We also do not recommend it in case of damage to it.

Can I bring my own Dive fins?

No. We provide bodyboard fins which allow more control in swiftwater, which are more suitable than dive fins.

Will a guide be with us?

Yes, there are always two guides on each trip.

Can my children come with me?

You can participate on all our riverboarding trips from the age of 13. However we do not provide for kiddie seats on the riverboards.

Do I need any prior white water experience?


Can I bring my camera?

Only if it has a waterproof casing. GeckoAdventure declines any responsibility for lost or damaged personal items. If you want to take pictures on the water we advise you to take a cheap, waterproof disposable camera. We have damaged enough of or own equipment to be very experienced in this question.

Is the trip cancelled if it rains?

In general, no. You will get wet riverboarding anyway. You are also protected against the weather through the equipment we provide. However, if there is so much rain that water levels rise high enough to compromise the safety of a riverboard trip, we will certainly cancel the trip. In this case, we will do our best to find an alternative date for you. If it rains heavily during the trip, the guides will ask you to pull over at a safe spot in the river until the initial flood passes. You will then be able to continue your trip.

When do I book and pay?

We take bookings one week prior to the trip date, at the very latest. Payment is 50% upon booking (non-refundable), with the remaining upon commencement of the trip